THC isn’t the whole story. The many benefits we get from cannabis stem from hundreds of natural compounds that make each strain unique. THC is just one part of the story. Judging cannabis by THC alone doesn’t take into account these other compounds that interact with THC to heighten the effects we feel.

We never chase one-dimensional, artificially high THC levels because we believe cannabis works best when it includes all of the other naturally occurring compounds that together produce an “entourage effect.”



Who are we? Since 2012 MOONROCKS HUB has crafted premium full-spectrum moonrocks, and made it possible for high purity premium moon rocks buds and moon rock related products able to reach consumers where ever they may be located as far as it is navigable as we are a licensed marijuana distributing company and dispensary, we run in several small and medium size dispensaries and delivery service all over California with our main dispensary located in Sacramento, CA.

MOONROCKS HUB offers clean, simple, and cutting-edge ways to consume high-end, Moonrocks marijuana products. In 2013 we introduced one of the first cannabis vaporizer pens to the medical market. Today we offer a wide range of Moon rocks products containing 100% pure, organic cannabis. Our flagship products include the Moon rocks Strains , Moonrock Cartridges,Edibles, Moonrock Prerolls and Others etc, we also carry several top selling Moonrock brands such as The Caviar Collection, Dr Zodiak’s Moonrock, Caviar Gold Moonrocks, Canna Cavi Premium Moon Rocks, Bassrocks, Astrorocks, Spacerocks etc.

It’s a dynamic industry which is why our primary focus is research and development. We work hard at developing and distributing innovative, user-friendly products. Everything we offer comes with a lifetime warranty.

Everything we sell is treated to rigorous testing in line with industry standards. We operate in a professional lab environment to produce the highest quality cannabis oil extracted with premium CO2 equipment which we use in making our moon rocks products.

Also known as Supercritical Fluid Extraction” (SFE), CO2 extraction is cleaner and safer than alternative methods (including butane, hexane or propane). It also enables us to produce cannabis concentrates free of dangerous and unwanted solvents. We use recyclable packaging and components whenever possible.

MOONROCK HUB services is widely available throughout the state of California and our service now reaches all the 50 states in the USA under certain conditions . We are fully compliant and licensed to produce and distribute quality medicinal and recreational cannabis products. As firm believers in the need to improve understanding of the medical benefits of marijuana and supporters of legalization, our company donates 1% of gross sales to cannabis research and legal defense for those facing criminal charges for actions that do not violate state law.

* Our Service do offer a 100% guaranteed delivery for orders all over the United States of America ( 50 States of USA ), Canada, United Kingdom ( UK) including Wales,Ireland and Scotland,France, Germany,Italy,Netherlands,Portugal and the rest of EU.



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