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Just How Potent are Moon Rocks?

Just How Potent are Moon Rocks?. You might expect moon rocks to hold a large percentage of marijuana’s most desirable compound, THC, and you’d be right. Because these cannabis products combine flower and two concentrates, most moon rocks contain more than 50% THC.

There’s high variability in terms of potency from product to product because the flower, concentrate, and kief all have their own potencies. Add to this the fact that moon rocks are usually coated with more than one layer of concentrate, and you’ve got a very potent product.

Due to its high potency, don’t offer a bowl packed with a moon rock to a first-time smoker. CBD moon rock varieties will be equally high in CBD. Just How Potent are Moon Rocks?

Bottom line: Check the label for a potency breakdown and make sure to buy legal moon rocks so you can rest assured those numbers are accurate. What is the estimated THC% of Moon Rock

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